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At Gagle Brook Primary School we are creating a vibrant and stimulating 21st century learning space where children can direct their own learning and tackle challenges with resilience and resourcefulness.

Our team of skilled teachers will facilitate children making choices, asking questions and making decisions in order to reach their potential as independent learners. Through continuous assessment, practitioners target next steps for each child’s development. All of these aims are achieved through the community the children are growing up in, making visits further afield and using a wide range of high quality educational resources. The skills of speaking and listening, reading, writing, number calculation, expressive arts and physical development and knowledge of the world are promoted through a stimulating curriculum that is developed by the children themselves telling us which topics they would like to learn about.

During the day children will access a healthy snack and drinks when they need to and also enjoy the outdoor environment for sustained periods of time. The day will involve a balance of adult led and child-initiated sessions focussing on areas of the curriculum and learning behaviours in contexts which appeal to the children. During learning times children may be working as individuals, within a small group or as a whole class.


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