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Reaffirming Our Commitment to the One Planet Principles

20 September 2019
Reaffirming Our Commitment to the One Planet Principles

One Planet Living is Bioregional’s vision of a world where everyone can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve it. The framework is based on the 10 One Planet Principles:

1. Health and Happiness

2. Equity and Local Economy

3. Culture and Community

4. Land and Nature

5. Sustainable Water

6. Local and Sustainable Food

7. Travel and Transport

8. Materials and Products

9. Zero Waste

10. Zero Carbon Energy

At Gagle Brook Primary School, we use these 10 principles as a benchmark for all our activities and work as part of the Bicester community to promote the idea that living sustainably should mean a better quality of life. Under my leadership, this school will remain entirely focused on enshrining and abiding by these principles.

There are many ways in which our school lives by the One Planet Principles:

  • We are an energy-efficient, zero-carbon school. Our building and facilities are designed to run from energy generated by renewable technologies.
  • We aim to reduce waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.
  • We reduce the need to travel and encourage low- and zero-carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions.
  • Our procurement strategy actively encourages the use of sustainable and healthy products, such as those with low-embodied energy, sourced locally, or made from renewable or waste resources.
  • Our food provider meets the Gold Food Standard, meaning we support sustainable and humane farming; promote access to healthy, low-impact, local, seasonal, and organic diets; and reduce food waste.
  • We encourage active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing.
  • We expect staff and pupils to use water efficiently, and it is a key feature of our school building.
  • We protect and restore biodiversity, creating new natural habitats through good land use and integration with the built environment.
  • We respect and aim to revive local identity, wisdom, and culture, encouraging the involvement of people in shaping their community and creating a new culture of sustainability.
  • We support the creation of a North West Bicester bioregional economy that supports equity, diverse local employment, and international fair trade.

Throughout Gagle Brook’s journey, we have been supported by our sponsor, The White Horse Federation. Their belief in the One Planet Principles and our school’s policy on energy efficiency runs so deep that they financially backed the construction of our unique school building.

Dr Nicholas Capstick OBE, CEO of The White Horse Federation, said: “We at The White Horse Federation are extremely proud of how successful Gagle Brook Primary School has proven to be. It’s truly an inspiration to see the commitment of not just the school, but also its community, to the One Planet Principles. We share that dedication, and are excited to build upon the school’s progress as it continues to blaze a trail in the implementation of green ideals within schools.”

“There is a growing need for sustainability within education, something we’re deeply conscious of at The White Horse Federation. Last year we worked to install solar panels across 10 of our schools as part of our effort to secure a balanced, ecologically friendly future for young people.”

“But it is at Gagle Brook Primary School where we are really pioneering this ethos, from the school’s carbon-neutral design to its innovative curriculum, which is delivered with eco-friendly ideals at its heart.”

Both The White Horse Federation and I are fully committed to our school’s focus on sustainability, learning, and community — our three primary values. We will continue to observe and promote the One Planet Principles and be the embodiment of a successful, zero-carbon school.

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