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The Gagle Brook Board of Governors

9 October 2019
The Gagle Brook Board of Governors

The board of governors plays a crucial role in the continued success and development of Gagle Brook Primary School. Every school is required to have a board of governors, but we are especially proud of the hard work and commitment exhibited by ours.

While the day-to-day running of the school is my responsibility, as principal, the management of the school is the responsibility of the board of governors. They set the vision, ethos, and strategic direction for the school, create robust accountability, and ensure financial probity. To do this, they challenge the way things are done, provide support to the senior leadership team, and adopt and check that relevant policies are being implemented.

In summary, the primary aim of the board of governors is to make Gagle Brook Primary School a centre of excellence for learning that is a fun, enjoyable, and safe place to be.

Our board of governors is diverse in its composition. It is comprised of teachers, parents, and community members who share a passion for the school and are united in having its best interests at heart.

A key strength of our board of governors is derived from the diversity of its composition. The governors come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, meaning they all bring different experiences and expertise. They work together to utilise their insight and pool of skills to give added perspective and capacity to our school’s leadership team.

The board of governors is also the voice of parents. Their position allows them to deliver direct feedback to the school and leadership team, which reassures the school community that their opinions are being heard. It also means the school is aware of issues that are important to our community and ensures a strong connection that benefits everyone involved.

April Beckerleg, Chair of Governors, said: “The relationship between the school and its community is of paramount importance. The board of governors is a responsible conduit that ensures the school succeeds and the community has their voice heard. We are proud to represent the community and contribute toward Gagle Brook continuing to be a successful, pioneering, sustainable school.”

Parents should never feel isolated if they have issues or concerns about the school. We want to encourage an open dialogue that allows us to address concerns in a constructive fashion. In doing so, we further strengthen the relationship between the school and our community and improve outcomes for all involved.

If you have ideas, criticisms, comments, or any other form of feedback, we urge you to contact the school and the board of governors so we can work together to overcome challenges and provide the best possible learning experience for young people in Bicester. To get in touch, please contact the school on 01869 228750 or email us at [email protected]

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