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Utilising Support from The White Horse Federation

25 September 2019
Utilising Support from The White Horse Federation

Ever since the initial concept of our school was conceived, The White Horse Federation has backed and contributed toward bringing the idea to life. In September 2018, Gagle Brook Primary School opened for the first time and has received the support of the federation ever since.

Our relationship with The White Horse Federation is a source of stability for Gagle Brook. It also provides our school with an array of benefits and allows us to achieve more than we would alone.

I understand that it is not always entirely clear to parents and our community how our school benefits from being part of the federation. So, in this blog post, I will highlight some of the advantages we experience as a member of TWHF.

Direct Support from Senior Educators

Dr Nicholas Capstick OBE, CEO of The White Horse Federation, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in education. As a member of the federation, we receive direct support from Dr Capstick. We also receive challenge and assistance from our regional director, Christopher Belli. Mr Belli is another vastly experienced educator who works with us to ensure Gagle Brook is progressing on the path to improvement.

The White Horse Federation also gives us access to national leaders in education (NLEs). The role of an NLE is to provide schools with guidance and support on a variety of topics, such as curriculum delivery and behavioural challenges.

Opportunities to Network with Other Schools

The White Horse Federation is comprised of 32 schools. This acts as a network of support, stability, and resources that each of the 32 schools share in. Over the course of an academic year, TWHF hosts a variety of networking events that bring its schools together.

As a result of these events, our pupils spend time and collaborate with children from other schools, increasing their social skills and growing their friendship groups. These events also give our staff opportunities to speak with other school leaders and share valuable insights, techniques, and experiences.

The federation also hosts many professional development events for staff. This includes senior leadership meetings, strategy away days, and training sessions.

Assistance Outside the Classroom

There’s a lot more to running a school than meets the eye. A lot of time and effort goes into departments outside of teaching and learning. The White Horse Federation provides our school with functional support for ICT, estates, human resources, marketing, and finance. This includes an HR office permanently based in the school as well as an on-site pupil services manager.

Access to External Resources

Schools that operate alone are limited to the use of their own resources. Subsequently, this limits the scope of their teaching and the potential learning experience of their pupils. Schools within The White Horse Federation share their resources, ensuring that each school has access to additional facilities.

While other schools would be forced to use their budget to purchase or use these resources, Gagle Brook and its pupils are able to access them free of charge.

Everyone at Gagle Brook Primary School is very proud to be part of The White Horse Federation. We firmly believe that this relationship continues to provide our school and pupils with huge advantages that improve their learning experience and help us to achieve better outcomes.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call the school on 01869 228750 or email us at [email protected]

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