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Alien Invasion at Gagle Brook!

15 November 2019
Alien Invasion at Gagle Brook!

We are not alone. Our year 1s had a close encounter of the third kind recently after an alien spaceship crashed into the side of the school early in the morning on 4th November.

The police were called and quickly came to help our resourceful children investigate. The scene was cordoned off and evidence was collected. There were lots of questions to answer! What brought the aliens down from space? Why Gagle Brook?

After a thorough investigation, our children had a few questions and ideas about what was going on:

Were they yellow, cheese-eating aliens who came from the moon to steal the cheese from the school kitchen?

If they are green aliens, maybe we’ll never find them, as they will be camouflaged and hiding in the grass.

Were they just passing by and their spaceship got hit by a firework?

Did they decide to come to school to learn?

At Gagle Brook, we like to surprise our children with engaging educational events that inspire and encourage them to think creatively. We want every child to be excited to come to school every day.

We’d like to give a big thanks to local police for helping make this a memorable morning for our year 1s.

Shortly after the investigation, with everyone inside the school in class, the aliens made their getaway! We are happy to report that no cheese was missing from the school kitchen and we hope the aliens have a safe journey back to their home planet!

Take a look at the photo evidence from the investigation below.

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