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Flowers from Bicester Community Fridge — Thank You!

5 July 2021
Flowers from Bicester Community Fridge — Thank You!

Back in February, we were visited by local charity Bicester Community Fridge for a guest assembly.

Since then we’ve been keeping in touch, and recently, we received an array of fresh flowers from the charity that would otherwise have been thrown away at local supermarkets.

We know that the best way for our early years pupils to learn is through play, so we used the flowers to get creative in every way we could, including painting our own flowers, setting petals in ice, and making collages. You can see our children’s fantastic creations in the gallery below.

Bicester Community Fridge collects unsold, surplus, or waste foods and other items from supermarkets and donations, and redistributes them to the wider community.

As an eco school, we are committed to reducing food waste, and we really think that the way Bicester Community Fridge does this while helping the local community is amazing.

That’s why we’d like to give them a big thank you not just for the flowers, but for the amazing work they do every day.

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