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Hello Everyone from Seren our School Dog!

25 June 2018
Hello Everyone from Seren our School Dog!

Hello everyone,

My name is Seren and I am a school dog. I love coming into school to see my friends, to learn, to hear people read and to play.

Please do not feed me because that job belongs to Mr Derry and he knows what I can eat to keep fit and healthy.

When I am in school please be calm, sudden movements can frighten me and please don’t stare in to my eyes because I might think you don’t like me.

If my ears go flat, my tail goes between my legs or I hide behind Mr Derry then I am feeling nervous or frightened and Mr Derry will take me to his office to recover.

Don’t forget that if you have enjoyed stroking me or I have given you a lick then please wash your hands.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Woof x woof x woof x

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