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Shiver Me Timbers Landlubbers! Pirate Day at Gagle Brook

22 July 2021
Shiver Me Timbers Landlubbers! Pirate Day at Gagle Brook

Last Friday 16th July, we hosted a fabulous Pirate Day!

All children and staff dressed as pirates and performed their own sea shanties as the final outcome to our term's learning, which had a music focus.

On arrival at school, the children were greeted by pirate music, a ship scene and a bubble machine.

Having planned in advance, Nursery and Reception performed a song together, Year 1 performed an acapella sea shanty as well as a dance Year 2 performed their version of 'Wellerman' as well as a dance.

The day also included pirate treasure hunts, all children were rewarded with a chocolate doubloon from the pirate booty! During the children's lunch our fantastic music teachers Becky and Steven Peneycad performed some well known sea themed music on their trumpet and viola.

We also took the opportunity to give a fond farewell to our Captain of the Crew, Mr Price in the most Piratey way possible. He walked the plank!

We’ve had a wonderful year under the leadership of Mr Price, and it was great to mark his departure with such a fun event!

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