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Welcome to Gagle Brook! National Allocation Day 2020

8 April 2020
Welcome to Gagle Brook! National Allocation Day 2020

Thursday 16th April is National Allocation Day for students entering primary school for the first time.

On this long anticipated day, primary school offers will be sent to parents and carers of young children around the country. It’s a very exciting time for everyone in primary education, and for all the young families introducing their young ones to their first year of primary school.

Every new school year, we have the privilege of welcoming a whole host of excited new faces to school life. To make sure that no family ends up disappointed as the new school year approaches, we’d like to encourage parents and carers to accept their offer of a place at our school as soon as they are able.

Details for what to do next will be included with the offer, so make sure to read it carefully. More information can also be found here:

If you applied after the January deadline, you will receive your offer after 29th May.

Gagle Brook is a young and vibrant school. As part of the amazing elmsbrook eco-development, we are proud to include sustainability as one of our three foundation stones alongside learning and community. All the new pupils who join us will be welcomed into an inviting and engaging learning environment.

The early school years are very important for every child. At our school, we place a strong emphasis on making sure each child is given the support they need to successfully adapt to school life, no matter the different challenges they may face.

While we are a young school, our experienced teaching staff and leaders, excellent facilities, and broad curriculum give our pupils a fantastic start to school life.

If your child has been offered a place at our school, make sure to accept your offer and let us know. We can’t wait to meet you and your child in September!

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