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Gagle Brook Primary School prides itself on its ability to offer and successfully deliver a full curriculum that is inclusive to all children, irrespective of need.

Our team works collectively to ensure we are able to support children with a wide range of academic, physical, and social needs. This may be in the form of classroom-based support or withdrawn support, often in small group or one-to-one sessions, using resources from within the school and from the support services within the authority.

The school maintains very close working relationships with children, staff, parents, and other agencies. Indeed, partnership with parents is of the utmost importance. We encourage parents to discuss progress regularly with class teachers and with our special educational needs coordinator (SENCO), Mo McDonald and Headteacher Luke Graham.

The school is proud of its ability to support children with a variety of special needs and has taken steps to ensure that all children are treated equally. As a result, the school is suitably equipped to deal with a wide range of individual needs. The school and the governing body regularly review its provision for children with special needs and ensure that its staff are well prepared and trained.

If you would like to discuss any issue regarding your child or special educational needs, please speak to Mo McDonald, who will be happy to provide both information and support.

We also have a Wellbeing Studio and Rainbow Room, which you can learn more about in the link below:


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Oxfordshire County Council SEND Offer

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