Local Governing Body

The Governing Body

The governors for Gagle Brook Primary School, in conjunction with the local education authority, will be responsible for the management of the school under the 1986 Education Act. The principal will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. Parents are reminded that they should, in the first instance, approach the principal on any matters concerning the school and pupils.

The governing body will be responsible for setting vision, ethos and strategic direction, creating robust accountability, and ensuring financial probity. They will carry out their responsibilities by challenging the way things are done, providing support to the senior leadership team, and adopting and checking that relevant policies are being implemented. Regular meetings will take place together with the principal. The full governing body will meet each term, but because the running of the school is such a complex issue, the governing body will be split up into a number of sub-committees/ working parties:

  • Finance, Staffing, Health & Safety, and Premises
  • Curriculum and Standards

The aim of the governors will be to make Gagle Brook Primary School a centre of excellence for learning; creating a fun, enjoyable and safe place to be.

We are always open to welcoming new interest from potential governors. Please contact [email protected] to enquire and share interest in a role.

Mrs Emily Holloway Head of School and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Darren Townsend Chair of Governors
Helen Fellows Parent Governor
Rachel Bowen Co-opted Governor
Tom Godding  
Helen Haynes  
Christie Vaughn  

Register of Interests 2021-22 & Attendance 2020-21

Governors have been appointed by the board of trustees and will serve a four-year term.

Name Position Nature of Interest Date Registered Date Ceased Terms of Office Attendance 2021 -2022 (# of meetings)
Darren Townsend Chair Co-opted 01/09/20 N/A 12


Haylie Yearwood Governor Parent 01/02/20 31/12/2021 7 1
Natallia Patsaluyonak Co-opted Governor Co-opted 01/02/20 N/A 13 3
Mandy Dickson Co-opted Governor Co-opted 01/09/20 N/A 9 6
Helen Fellows Parent Governor Parent 04/09/2018 N/A 24 6
Rachel Bowen Co-opted Governor Co-opted 04/09/2018 N/A 24 5
Chloe Burridge         6 2
Chris Hunt     12/01/2021 13/07/2022 5 2

Previous Governors

Haylie Yearwood - 01/02/20 to 31/12/2021

The White Horse Federation Local Board of Governance

Each school has its own local governing body (LGB). The chair of each LGB will also sit on a collective group of similar chairs, from which one representative will be elected and then co-opted onto the executive board. This process will be repeated every two years, thus affording new chairs the opportunity to be similarly elected.

TWHF executive board has clearly identified the areas of responsibility that they delegate to the LGBs. Although not in any way legally responsible, and not itself accountable for the statutory functions, the LGB has an important role to play in assisting the school to operate effectively in line with the wishes of TWHF executive board as communicated to the LGB.

To learn more, visit The White Horse Federation website.